Electric Vehicles are the Future of Transportation.

Ethically sourced battery metals are a core resource in the movement towards a cleaner future and a healthy planet.

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MegaWatt is the Investment Vehicle of Choice for EV Battery Metals

We offer investors the rare opportunity to get exposure to multiple battery metals in safe, mining-friendly countries, proven mining districts, and from assets with extensive historical work.

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Battery Metals

The Perfect Storm

As the market grows for electric vehicles, production of their batteries will drive unprecedented demand for the key commodities needed to build them.

Our Projects

Ethical, Reliable Sourcing

We are committed to discovering and developing battery metal deposits in stable, safe and mining-friendly jurisdictions .


Investing in the Future of EVs

As the need for core metals rises we are strategically positioned, targeting highly prospective areas with historic mining records.

“…Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently & in an environmentally-sensitive way…”

Elon Musk.

MegaWatt is a Force in Battery Metal Supply

Our experienced management team has a long pedigree in developing mining assets and we’ll continue to acquire properties with a target focus in the battery metals space.