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Mined Materials

Lithium, nickel and cobalt are all expected to have the highest multiples of demand growth, with the need for silver remaining high for it’s conductive and corrosion-resistant properties.

Core EV Metals


Lithium Ion batteries have ‘won the war’ for EV use; these high capacity, fast-to-charge batteries are found in every EV in production today and are at the heart of the EV roadmap for the future.


Cobalt as a stabilizer is a necessity for safe operation of Li-ion batteries and is present in almost all EV configurations.


Silver will continue to play an increasing role in the construction of electrical components and its electrical conductive properties.

Our Approach

Moving Towards a Cleaner Future and a Healthy Planet.

Developing and discovering energy metal deposits in safe, mining-friendly countries, and proven mining districts.

Join the Revolution in Energy Metals Supply

We offer investors exposure to energy and battery metals in mining friendly countries, targeting highly prospective areas with historic mining records.

MegaWatt is Committed to Sustainable Sourcing

The team powering MegaWatt has a long pedigree in developing mining assets, we are expanding our focus to the metals that are crucial to the Electric Vehicle revolution.